I take fan fiction requests with any donation to my ko-fi.
(Shorter and less specific than commissions for a lower price.)

  • PayPal only.
  • All prices are in USD.
  • I can only write in American English.
  • I can’t work under deadlines.
  • All written works will be AT LEAST the length you paid for.
  • If the work turns out longer or more complex than what you paid for, you will NOT be charged extra!
  • Pay me upon completion; work will be sent to you after payment is received.
  • No refunds, but I will tweak the work if you’re unsatisfied.
  • Please specify whether or not it’s okay with you if I share the work in my public library or gallery.

Email: mrr@spookyr.us
DeviantArt: Spookyrus (contact via Notes or Chat)
Discord: Spookyrus#0515 (contact via DM)
Tumblr: spookyrus-writes-sometimes (contact via Ask or Message)
Twitter: @spookyrus_txt (contact via DM)

Prose & Fan Fiction: CLOSED
Verse & Song Lyrics: CLOSED
Character Biography: OPEN
Logo Design: OPEN
Video or Stream Overlay: OPEN

★ Prose & Fan Fiction ★

★ Verse & Song Lyrics ★

★ Character Biography ★

★ Logo Design ★

★ Video or Stream Overlay ★