Memories of a Freedom Lost – Chapter 5: Try

“Alright, you three.”

Too soon after Milla returned did Doctor Quack enter as well, and what he had to say wasn’t something that any of them wanted to hear.

“It’s time to turn in for the night.”

Milla’s expression faltered in disappointment, though not surprise. Fixing her backpack straps, she gave Lilac an apologetic look, then turned back to the door. Lilac looked on with a frown, which only became deeper when Carol stood up out of her chair. Lilac’s gaze followed the two as they began to leave. Her brow furrowed as something began to rise in her chest. Then she allowed that something to spill from her mouth.


At once, Carol and Milla froze in place and turned back to her. Lilac’s cheeks became slightly pink, and her fingers searched the bed sheets anxiously. She looked to the doctor, mouth hanging open for a moment before she spoke.

“Uhhh, um… ‘S it okay, if… if they stay here?”

The doctor blinked. He looked to Carol and Milla, who both blinked back at him. He looked again to Lilac, sat up in her bed and hugging Blue to her chest, eyes wide and pleading.

“Well…” Doctor Quack scratched his lower beak thoughtfully. Then he gave a smile and a nod. “I don’t see why not. Go ahead.”

Carol and Milla cheered, back to Lilac’s bedside within seconds, and the doctor chuckled as he left.

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FreedomSwap Remix – 0. Prologue

In a rustic little kingdom to the north, all was quiet and calm. Vast waters rippled softly, stars twinkled overhead. Against the landscape of greens and blues stood a large, powerful structure: the kingdom’s Royal Palace. It overlooked the city as a symbol of strength and protection, a reminder to its denizens that all was well. For a time, in this place, the world was peaceful.

That was, until the peace was broken.

From within the palace walls, the earth began to shake. Soldiers standing guard looked around curiously, and, as the tremors grew stronger, so did they grow panicked. Soon the ground had given way beneath them, crumbled stone falling away into inky abyss, taking the soldiers with it.

Those who remained looked on in horror as a monstrous, golden metal paw lifted itself from the chasm and gripped the floor with ferocious claws the size of a dozen men. As it pulled the rest of its enormous feline body into view, the air was filled with sickening laughter that echoed up and down the corridors. The soldiers raised their guns, opening fire on the mechanical monstrosity before them, but try as they might, they couldn’t so much as make a scratch. The visor over the contraption’s face lifted slowly, revealing a gleaming green light that resonated with energy. For a moment, there was quiet as the soldiers stared up at the light, almost as if entranced. And all at once, it let loose a devastating laser beam, ripping across the ground, through the soldiers, and up the wall. Everything in its path was gone.

The wretched mechanical beast stomped across the palace, the cackling it gave off filling the throne room. As the doorway collapsed to make room for the intruder, the King of Shuigang rose from his royal seat, battle axe in hand. He looked on as a click came from the robot, and its cockpit lowered, revealing the figure at the wheel. The laughing faded as the figure stood, staring down with striking reptilian eyes. Donning heavy armor and gripping the robot’s controls with metal hands attached to metal arms, the creature grinned a twisted, fanged grin.

“Hello… Your Majesty.”

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